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Welcome to Little Flock of Horrors

Welcome to Little Flock of Horrors!

Thump Trading Ltd is very proud to exclusively present New Zealand’s most talked about, new children’s label, Little Flock of Horrors (LFOH). LFOH believes in an honest, straightforward portrayal of toddlers, affectionately referring to them as “little monsters”. They depict kids as they really are – sometimes crying, sometimes grumpy, sometimes monkeying around – but always themselves. Fusing edgy design, adventurous colour and a lot of attitude, LFOH has created a chic line of 100% Merino wool clothing for your little Monster.

We would never pull the wool over your eyes – trust us when we say that Merino is the best fabric on earth for kids because:

  • Forget those memories you have of wool (read: itchy, scratchy, and thick), our Merino fibres are smooth, fine and as soft as your favourite t-shirt. Our collection provides the best of what wool naturally offers – soft threads, insulation on cool days and breathability on warm days – making it the perfect next-to-skin fabric for little monsters
  • It’s 100% natural, biodegradable, totally renewable and sustainable
  • It naturally breathes, wicking and controlling next-to-skin moisture (without yucky chemicals)
  • It’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial = no more kid stink!
  • It’s extremely durable and super easy to wash and dry
  • All of the above is achieved with added style and cool

Baby 0-18mths

Kids 2-9yrs

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